Cant compile godot c++ module with static library

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Hi community,
im programming a small game. There is a backend, written in C++ (server and stuff), which is quite complex. Now i want to integrate some stuff in an c++ module. The code works standalone.
So i wanted to import it as a static library, which is all in all easier for me. The library itself wont change that mutch, so a static library for me is ok.
I also was able to compile the tutorial-like summator-example. But when i add my code, i cant compile it anymore.
Im using godot 3.4.2 stable.

This is my folder structure:

Engine/modules/NetworkManager/lib/       #this didnt fix it

NetworkManager .h

     #include "core/reference.h"

    class NetworkManager : public Reference {
    GDCLASS(NetworkManager, Reference);
    int count;
    static void _bind_methods();

    void add(int p_value);
     void reset();
    int get_total() const;


    void update();

    NetworkClient networkClient;
    PhysicsManager physicsManager;

NetworkManager.cpp //small portion of it

    void NetworkManager::_bind_methods() {
    ClassDB::bind_method(D_METHOD("add", "value"), &NetworkManager::add);
    ClassDB::bind_method(D_METHOD("reset"), &NetworkManager::reset);
    ClassDB::bind_method(D_METHOD("get_total"), &NetworkManager::get_total);
    ClassDB::bind_method(D_METHOD("update"), &NetworkManager::update);

    void NetworkManager::update()
    size_t maxMessages = 1000;


    env_module = env.Clone()
    env_module.add_source_files(env.modules_sources, "*.cpp") # Add all cpp files to the build
    env_module.Append(CPPPATH=["../../../Network/asio/include", "../../../Network/StarShooterNetwork"])
    env.Append(LIBS='NetworkClientLibrary') `

If i run scons --clean, and then scons p=windows tools=yes bits=32 -j4 this happens:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Configuring for Windows: target=debug, bits=32
Found MSVC version 14.2, arch x86, bits=32
Checking for C header file mntent.h... (cached) no
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
[ 96%] Building compilation database compile_commands.json
[ 96%] Linking Program        ==> bin\
[ 97%]'
[ 97%] scons: *** [bin\] Error 1181
scons: building terminated because of errors.
[Time elapsed: 00:00:34.580]

If i change the includes to #include "NetworkClient.h" etc I get an Error

[100%] Linking Program        ==> bin\
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ''
scons: *** [bin\] Error 1181
scons: building terminated because of errors.
[Time elapsed: 00:00:23.844]

I really dont know what to do, it will be a small error, but i cant find it. Has anybody an idea?


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  • Alex161Alex161 Posts: 4Member
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    I found out, that the problem is probably related, that scons or the compiler/linker doesnt find my library. First, i didnt compile with -j parameter. This way i was able to read some more error messages.

    I changed my scons to
    # SCsub

    env_module = env.Clone()
    env_module.add_source_files(env.modules_sources, "*.cpp") # Add all cpp files to the build
    env_module.Append(CPPPATH=["../../../Network/asio/include", "../../../Network/StarShooterNetwork"])

    Using this configuration i got the error:
    *** [bin\] Implicit dependency modules\NetworkManager\lib\' not found, needed by targetbin\'.

    Using just the env.Append(LIBPATH=['lib']), ill get
    LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ''

    The file is definetly present. I copied it in the bin folder, too and in the core folder.
    Has anybody an idea?

  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 1,384Admin Godot Developer
  • Alex161Alex161 Posts: 4Member
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    Thx Calinou for pointing this out. I think you are right. The problem is, the solution in this issue didn't help me.
    I found out, everything what is NOT in the module directory directly is automatically compiled as a static library, even when imported in SCONS with env_module.Append(CPPPATH="INSERT_REMOTE_PATH_HERE""]).

    After hours of compiling, i didn't get it to work. So I made a dirty solution, which is to temporary copy all files for compilation and then removing them after that. So its then just compiled as part of the module-object and not a seperated static library.
    This is a .bat file, so it's windows dependent, really nothing to be proud of, but wanted to share it with you, if someone has the similar issue. This works for me.


    xcopy /B /E OTHER_IMPORTS Engine\modules\ENGINE_PLUGIN_NAME\
    scons target=release_debug --clean
    scons platform=windows vsproj=yes tools=yes target=release_debug bits=32 -j4
    rd /s /q Engine\modules\ENGINE_PLUGIN_NAME\

    I hope this can help someone, for me this works reliably.


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