You know when a franchise has made it- it has a wiki even it is unofficial and now GODOT has one.

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I plan to put some content myself and welcome all contributions.

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    Can you figure out what game it was originally made for? I’ve been curious about that for like a month. =)

  • cloa513cloa513 Posts: 96Member

    Apparently there is an official but it is nearly impossible to find. I found it once after searching it for mine. Fandom is a terrible website so I am probably abandoning it wikis are unsearchable through it. "GitHub Pages sites are not searchable on GitHub" according to Github absolute totally ridiculous - good reason to leave Github

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    Godot has had wikis in the past, they tend to die off since the official docs are already open for community edits. And it's hard to compete with that.

    Same with Blender 3D, it used to heavily rely on it's wiki for documentation, but honestly very few in the community even edited the wiki, so when the variant was set up for documentation specifically the wiki fell out of user documentation use very rapidly. Developers still have some use for wiki, but that's about it.

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    Then why didn't they integrate the official one (I remember it was transferred in 2020 from GodotEngine)- there is so some good stuff in there (2 pages not included in Godot docs) of course I don't when it was added. It is easy to find the many empty wikis.

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