export Blender file to Godot


basic questions:
1)in Blender> file> export
what type of file should I choose to export to Godot?

2)Are Blender animations exportable?

3)Are the applied Blender modifiers exportable?

4)Are the applied Blender constraints exportable?



  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,589Admin

    Welcome to the forums @ZawelFelt!

    1) what type of file should I choose to export to Godot?

    Ideally GLTF, as it is an open format, supports animation, and is well supported in Godot.

    2) Are Blender animations exportable?

    Yup! In GLTF, Collada (.dae), and FBX files animation is supported. OBJ files, while importable by Godot, do not support animation.

    3) Are the applied Blender modifiers exportable?

    No, you will need to apply them or check apply modifiers on export (or something similar) for them to be applied on the exported file. Godot does not support Blender modifiers

    4)Are the applied Blender constraints exportable?

    If they are baked into the animation, then yes, otherwise, no. Godot doesn't have built-in support for Blender constraints, so the constraint itself has to be saved/baked into the animation.

    Hopefully this helps answer your questions :smile:


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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,657Moderator

    I've had the most luck with the glTF format (it is an open format made by the makers of OpenGL and Vulkan). You have the choice of using separate files (like for textures) or embedding everything. Depends on your workflow, but in most cases you will have to remake the materials anyhow since Blender doesn't export the PBR materials (maybe there is a way, but I've only got the Albedo to export properly).

    Yes, animations are supported. Skinned animation should work well (though I haven't yet tested this). Blend shapes I think also work for some platforms. You wouldn't export modifiers or constraints, but these can be baked into the skinned animation (at least that is how I think it would work, again, haven't tried it myself).

  • justinbarrettjustinbarrett Posts: 241Member
    edited June 12

    gltf for me always.
    I can say for me, any constraints I setup in blender that have effect on the armatures don't really work in godot...HOWEVER they do modify the bones position and that is exported properly.

    e.g. I commonly use a "look at" constraint for the head bones for characters. To maintain their looking direction...as long as I set keyframes in blender for the head bone, it gets imported into godot with the proper pose but the constraint itself does not...

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