circular cursor aiming (solved)

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im working on a isometric shooter.

i changed the default cursor for a own circular cursor in the project properties. Looks good but is not perfect working because the default arrow cursor is looking to up left and if we change the picture, the fuction still looking at up left and not to middle cross, ok.

then i tried to adjust of the hotspot but looks is not for that or i did something wrong.

i did think myself ok f this, lets do it with the shapes and i added a transparent panel node in front of player and change the shape cursor to a cross cursor and works good, the bullets go just to middle of cursor.

then i tried to cheat godot changing again the default cursor to my .png but, looks the panel have priority in that game and the cross shape appears first.

i think i can just hide the default cursor, and then create a 'fake cursor' node, and just follow the position cursor and use it for aim and position shooting. I think this looks the easier way.

But are there any other ways to do this? maybe coding a fuction to cursor 'looks' to the middle of himself and not up left?


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