Debugger Monitors function cause major frame drop

IdlemanIdleman Posts: 5Member

Not sure if this is caused by some setting, but once I use the monitors in debugger while running my game. The FPS and process time suddenly goes wild, the FPS drops from 60 to 40 range, and the game experience lagging. When the monitors is off, everything is fine. Has any one experienced this issue?


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,997Admin

    I guess its just the nature of polling hardware and processes. Even monitors like HWiNFO instill a performance hit. Debugging is always going to stall something somewhere.

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,793Admin

    In Godot 4.0, there are going to be new debugging monitors, including debugging monitors for custom code/modules. Since these monitors can be set to track a small portion of the game, they may be faster and not cause as big of an FPS drop.

    As for now though, it sounds like the issue is that the project is either using VSync (set to 60 FPS) or Godot is struggling to maintain 60 FPS, and so the additional cost of the debugger is enough to knock it down by 20 FPS. While I have not personally seen such a large drop in FPS, I have noticed that in my projects there is a generally a 5-10 FPS drop with the debugger monitors enabled. If you have VSync enabled, I would try disabling it and see if that affects the FPS drop any, as then it may run at a high enough frame rate that everything is smooth and you can debug (though your GPU may run hot, since VSync is not enabled).

  • IdlemanIdleman Posts: 5Member

    Thank you all for replying, turn off VSync helps. Looking forward to the release of Godot 4.0, as for now try to use monitors as little as possible, just using profiler seems enough for my little project.

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