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RJuliyaRJuliya Posts: 1Member

Hey guys! My name is Juliya, and I’m working at Mech.com at this moment. We are looking for the Godot developer who can help us to build an amazing product. If you are looking for an interesting job in a friendly environment in fast growing company, I’ll be glad to answer to your question, and I might ask some questions in return :) . Please PM me if you interested in something like that. Thank you so much for reading!

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  • gamedevfreddygamedevfreddy Posts: 4Member

    Hi Juliya! I'm a godot dev, I'm also passionate about the blockchain a crypto enthusiast and I see a future in making NFT games that has not been explored by devs yet so maybe I can be a good fit. I'm not an expert on making multiplayer games or NFT games yet, I'm still learning that, but I'm a competent godot developer with a couple of small indie horror games with mild success, willing to learn, here's my portfolio https://gamedevfreddy.itch.io

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