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Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Creative Echoes Studios is a PC game studio that is looking to get a team together to get us off the ground and debut with our first game!
If you're interested, give this a read to learn more about us or skip down to who we're looking for.


We're an up and rising game studio with the goal of creating amazing stories to put into the market. We're not an official studio yet, but I'm working towards getting an LLC once our first game is released. Because we are unofficial, we are all equals. There are no real "employees" or "bosses" yet (myself excluded, obviously), so when you join, you join as a partner.


I'm the founder and owner of the studio itself. I've been a gamer ever since I was 5 years old with Adventure Island for the NES being my very first video game. I've always had a love for stories, RPGs, and adventure-fantasy on many genres and decided, like most people here, to make my own game. My personal project is called The Legend of Ulgaia, formerly called The Legend of Pangaea, but I put it on hiatus to focus on Creative Echoes and only work on it in bits and pieces. The trademark ran out on my old name and decided not to renew in favor for the original name over 10 years ago.
I've always wanted to create a game studio where people with dreams can come together and bounce ideas off each other and work together as a unit. Because there is only 9 of us, I don't believe in a true hierarchy just yet. It's just me, and the rest "below" me. My viewpoint is that even though I'm the owner, the rest of the team is the board of directors, just to give an idea. Naturally, this will change as we grow, but I firmly believe in working as a team first in order to reach those heights.
I am American by birth (originally from California, but currently in New Mexico) but am a dual-citizen in France. Because I have family there, I can speak/write in French, but not very well. I also used to be in the Air Force and have seen Afghanistan and Pakistan. I also did a personal travel around Europe and have been to France (naturally), Spain, Italy, and Germany. Because of my travels, I have a deep respect for people outside my home country and believe untapped potential can be found anywhere on this planet.


I'm all about transparency with team members, so I'll be honest: there's no pay, no benefits, no perks except to potentially become one of the top members of a new studio (It's not an official company yet, after all). I'm a 9 to 5 worker myself so paying for multiple people is outside my means for now. For that reason, I always tell people to not quit their day jobs if you got bills to pay. As part of the team, your voice matters, no matter what department you're in. It may be related to the current project, your personal project, future projects, or maybe the studio in general.
That being said, I AM open to commissions, provided the price is right, but those who are interested in joining completely get a higher priority.
I also encourage those with kids to prioritize families. It's not fair to sacrifice your time for a studio that's not official yet while you're raising a family, right?
If you have a game idea of your own, you will be the project lead of your game when it comes time to build it. The dream/goal is for all of us to work as a team to bring our dreams to life. Whether it's just an idea or something already in the works, Creative Echoes is a family that desires to bring dreams to life.
We don't have a physical location so you'd be working from home, communicating via Discord, or wherever else you feel comfortable on a time schedule that is best for you. You won't be working 40 hours a week, but I'd appreciate at least an hour or two here or there. I fully expect an update once a week at the minimum. If you're going to have problems with that, but want to stay on the team, just let me know and I can work with you. We have team members in the USA, Europe, and South America, so your nationality is not an issue, though speaking English preferred!
I shouldn't need to say it, but I will anyway, but gender and sexual orientation is especially irrelevant to me. I don't care that you're a girly-girl, an uber nerd, and I especially don't care who you love. I just don't think that's any of my business what your personal life is. All I care is if you have the passion, the drive, and the determination.


All in all, I'm looking for people are passionate, motivated, and driven to get the game built and help the studio flourish.
We're in need of a few artists this time around for our upcoming PC game:

------> Map Art Design
Our game is using a random map generator, so we're not concerned with the layout too much. As long as you can do tilesets, we're good!
That being said, we still want the art design of the dungeon to look good so we need someone who is adept at making map designs. We are focused on 2D art for now and hope to move to 3D games in the future. Pixel art is preferred, but more along the lines of 16-bit Sega Genesis 90's art, not 8-Bit GameBoy 80's art.

------> Godot Map Engine programmer
Due to a recent loss of one of the team members, I'm looking for someone who can create randomized maps (for reference ideas, think along the lines of Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicle, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or Izuna the Unemployed Ninja). He is still available and will give you the resources needed to get you started, should you be accepted.
We are currently using the RPG Maker MV engine in the meantime.
Javascript preferred!

------> Graphic designer (Logos, button art, etc.)
We need someone who can help create a game's nameplate and logo, the buttons for the title screen and main menu, and other such art. This can extend to Creative Echoes-focused art as well as our social media pages.

All prospects need to message me directly. This IS an interview, so I will be asking questions and I'm hoping you will send a sample of your work to determine if you will fit into the team.

Don't see a listing, but interested and have a skill set you think will benefit the studio and/or the game?
Run it by me. I'll never know unless you tell me.


If you're interested or have questions, comment below and I'll do my best to answer as soon as I can. If you're accepted, I'll send you the Discord link to our server. As I said earlier. if you have scheduling issues, we can talk to find something that works for you. I believe in compromise.

Thank you for your time and especially to everyone who's been supportive of us and I hope you guys and your families will get through these hard times.

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  • SadLampentSadLampent Posts: 4Member

    What kind of "sample of work" would you be looking for if someone wanted to be a social media manager? Like past marketing efforts for games, etc?

  • Twilight FazeTwilight Faze Posts: 7Member

    @SadLampent said:
    What kind of "sample of work" would you be looking for if someone wanted to be a social media manager?

    For that, it's too hard to show any samples, I recognize this. In this case, I would more like to hear how you would go about it, what experience you have (if none, that doesn't matter), what platforms you're familiar with, and so on.

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