Passing Into Fantasy - TopDown Bullet Hell, Comedic Story

Heff MoneyHeff Money Posts: 1Member

This is a very much work in progress. The plot involves an evil wizard animating random objects and causing a magical girl zombie apocalypse. So far there's only one level and a lot of placeholder textures. There is a list of people who deserve credit but at this point I wouldn't even call this thing a 'demo'.

I'd like some feedback in terms of quality. It took me months to make this - though much of that's been teaching myself how to program since programming isn't my day job. And yet it seems to be about the same quality as something others can crank out in a week, let alone the guys making 3D games alone.

Finally if anyone could point me to an appropriate community for this game, that would be great. There's more than a few Touhou inspirations, but it'll be entirely different characters and setting. I'd really like to have an enthusiast tell me if they find it too easy.

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