rigging and animation in godot

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As I am learning Godot and 3d Art simultaneous I have reached the point I may start animating my characters- if not too hard to get them in to godot.

So my question is do I add bones and rigging outside godot and import it or is it easier to just use godot bones system and animate in godot? As you most likely know I do not know how to use blender except to convert files to glb.

Maybe a link to a tutorial on this please? Playing 3d animations etc.

This is for the city builder aspect of my game where workers dig out rooms, haul resources and have some combat. They do this as each type of rabbit or tower in my tower defense maps has be researched and added thru a room / bldg in my city.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 4,822Admin

    I wouldn't really animate in godot, importing is the way to go, for now at least. But if better tools for it were to appear in the editor then sure, I'd give it a try. Even if I didn't end up using it for most of the work it could be quite valuable to make some tweaks and fix issues.

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    I would recommend doing low poly characters and this guy is pretty good. But yeah, in 3d, I would use Blender. I think he uses Unity, so you would have to find an export tutorial for Godot. Even if you want to do higher poly characters, I would still recommend doing it with low poly characters first.

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