CpuParticles emitting on /off?

jbskaggsjbskaggs Posts: 909Member

In script CPUParticles does not seem to me to have way set emitting to true or false. Only thru the editor check box that I can see. Though the manual says it has bool emitting, and setter: set_emitting(bool)

bool emitting

Default    true

Setter    set_emitting(value)

Getter   is_emitting()

If true, particles are being emitted.

I have tried CPUParticles.emitting=true and CPUParticles.set_emitting(true) and get the error non existing functions. So I scrolled through all the functions/properties in the popup window and there wasnt anything related to turning emitting on or off.

I am probably just having a senior moment. So can CpuParticles emitting be turned on/off in script?


  • xyzxyz Posts: 940Member

    CPUParticles is a class. $CPUParticles could be the object instance, if you access it from the parent node.

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