Android Game not working correctly if exported with debug is disabled

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I just finished a mobile game, I can test it directly from Godot in my phone and I can make a custom build .apk file with the option "export with debug" enabled and install it on my phone and everything works fine (using the debug keystore),
I can build a custom export .apk and .aab file with the option "export with debug" disabled successfully (using the release keystore), and even upload the .aab file to the Google Play Console, but when I install and test the "release" .apk file on my phone or try the .aab version installed via Google Play, the game can be played but there are a lot of bugs related with the persistent data that is stored and loaded from a resource .tres that is created on the path "user://".
I don't know what I'm missing, on the debug .apk version the data is stored and loaded correctly, I am using Godot 3.4, any insight will be highly appreciated.

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