Any good plugins for making destructible items?

Making a fps survival game, would love the ability to make destructable stuff. I get that I can do basic stuff like using blenders cell fracture to create the models for the destructed version, but I'd love it if it could be more dynamic

I'd like to make stuff that does the fracturing calculations during gameplay, so if you shoot something, it calculates the fracture based on the bullets. Possibley letting you cut objects in half by shooting with lasers or machine guns.

I am not asking for something this complex, but is there a plugin for basic cell fracturing? just enough to get me started.


  • Erich_LErich_L Posts: 591Member

    I don't know about plugin but you can already use CSG shapes and the CSG combiner to do such calculations. I could do this with spheres in real time. Bananas too, but a few of those objects at the same time? Just too slow. Could work if you had a thread dedicated to it I guess?

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 3,792Moderator
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    If you want something simple, just make various versions of the destructible mesh that swap out when you shoot (the unbroken version, one with a little damage, one completely broken, etc.). Then when the bullet collides, you quickly hide the original mesh and add in the new broken pieces (which are rigid bodies and will respond to physics, you can add a random force when they spawn to make it exciting). This is how a lot of games worked, up until recently, aside from a few advanced physics based games.

    If you want to make actual real-time destruction, the algorithm is called Voronoi. There is some code here you can use (MIT License) but you'll have to port it from Unity to Godot.

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