Hi. Different ways to help with hosting Godot Export Templates file

Hi everyone. I feel like the Export Template files could be downloaded via something like torrent, that way people could host it too to help with the bandwidth. What do you think? Sorry if this is not appropriate in any way, I would delete this post if that is the case no problem.

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  • bunnydefluffbunnydefluff Posts: 54Member

    Wait a minute, I think I cannot delete my own post.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 3,792Moderator

    Sorry, posts cannot be deleted. The export templates can be downloaded via the editor and the speed is okay (not blazing, but the file is also not too huge). You can also import the file manually, so it's technically possible for people to Torrent it, if they wanted, I've just not seen anyone do this.

  • bunnydefluffbunnydefluff Posts: 54Member

    Thanks for the reply cybereality, what I was trying to say is, if there is an official torrent listed, then we would download it and then we would also help with the bandwidth for Godot and the export templates, yeah 500mb is actually not a lot but I have been hosting demo for my favorite game via official torrent(because it is around 6GB), and also an application called GIMP, it requires around 200Mb and it has official torrent file to spread the load around too, which I think is nice so I did it. It is alright if you guys think that this is too much trouble though, I can understand.

  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 1,140Admin Godot Developer

    Godot releases are now mirrored on GitHub Releases, which means bandwidth usage (and poor peering from TuxFamily servers towards certain destinations) is hardly a concern now.

  • bunnydefluffbunnydefluff Posts: 54Member

    @Calinou Thanks. I will take it that torrenting tech is not needed as the hosting service of Godot now is quite capable.

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