[PAID] 2D Pixel Artist with interest in bicycles

ksjogoksjogo Posts: 7Member

I need a 2d pixel artist for a game with a top-down/birds-eye perspective on bicycles.
Design size will be 480x320 pixels.
Need bicycle, trailer, obstacles and background initially.


  • 2DPIXX2DPIXX Posts: 4Member

    if you are still searching for some help feel free to have a look at my portfolio (https://www.artstation.com/2dpixx) and write me an email containing further specifics to: jana@2dpixx.de


  • Kareem AtefKareem Atef Posts: 2Member

    if you're still looking for a pixel artist you can find my work here.
    if you're interested you can contact me to discuss details via email at: kareem1910@yahoo.com

    Best of luck with your project.

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