how to change AnimationNodeAnimation by script ?

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when generally, we click on a node in a statemachine :

can someone change this ?

animation clips at runtime ?


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    by script of course ? (assigning the new animation to the node)
    since I have a little bit complicated architecture; I didn't want to duplicated over and over, but just reassign animations, like it is widely used in Unity.

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    Maybe by getting the tree_root (doc), navigating to the node using get_child_by_name (doc), and then modifying the animation using set_parameter (doc)?
    Just looking through the API though, it looks like it's fairly complicated to modify, which is a bit surprising. Using tree_root and navigating to the node that way seems to be the only way to get the AnimationNode though.

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    AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback ansmp= at2.Get("parameters/playback")as AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback;
    AnimationNodeStateMachine ansm= at2.TreeRoot as AnimationNodeStateMachine;

    AnimationNodeAnimation anim_node = new AnimationNodeAnimation();
    anim_node2.Animation = "UnUseItem";

  • epicspacesepicspaces Posts: 75Member

    it works thanks me

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