[for hire] game programmer and developer.

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I've released a couple projects made with godot engine and the GDscript programming language:

let's start with ignis:

avaliable on the playstore

A game about being fire,literally: in this game you can interact in interesting forms with your own nature in the 20 levels I provided.

Then there is pixel liquid toy:

it simulates some liquid behaviour, all done in GDscript, check it out and have some fun with it.

download here

I also have an active project right now, randamatch, a racing game with procedurally generated terrain, this is the first devblog, it's in spanish tho, check it out if you want:

see the latest devblog here:

Now, if you need translation for your game, I can help with that, im a spanish native born in latam.

if you think we could make a great team, be sure to DM me or email me to lospdfnoseeditan@gmail.com


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    I'm planning to do a 3D multiplayer prototype, the 3D part will be just 4 or 5 models on screen including the map, I'll take care of them, I just need someone to do the programming side, I'll contact you by DM.

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