Trying to load Qubicle models into my Godot project

TelknorTelknor Posts: 3Member

I'm trying to load Qubicle models both static and ones animated in Blender into my Godot project. The Qubicle loader/renderer C++ files I have are located in this post by AlwaysGeeky

They are named QubicleBinary.h and QubicleBinary.cpp

They are part of the code from his game project Vox which he talks about here

After getting the Vox files from the Github link I noticed there are additional files in the same directory as the QubicleBinary.h and QubicleBinary.cpp ones. These are located in Vox-master\source\models and have the following names. QubicleBinaryManager.cpp, QubicleBinaryManager.h, VoxelCharacter.cpp, VoxelCharacter.h, VoxelObject.cpp, VoxelObject.h, VoxelWeapon.cpp, and VoxelWeapon.h.

These all appear to access QubicleBinary.h and QubicleBinary.cpp in some way or another. I'm unsure if they are unique to just the Vox game for it to run or if they are needed in addition to the QubicleBinary.h and QubicleBinary.cpp files to load Qubicle models in any project not related to Vox.

Another bit of code located in Vox-master\source\Enemy Enemy.cpp down around lines 2087 through 2182 that control the enemy NPCs exploding on death into all their little Qubicle blocks before those all fade away after a few seconds appear to use all the listed files in the Models directory above.

So again I'm wondering if just the two files or all ten are needed.

I am using Godot v3.1.1 Stable with Voxel Tools Demo for terrain generation and FPS player controller. I could never get the Voxel Tools Demo to work with Godot v3.2.1 and I am aware that Godot is currently on v3.3.2. I have it but have not tried to load the latest version of Voxel Tools into Godot v3.3.2.

I know there is a ton of information to read on the two reddit post and in the Vox code if anyone downloads and goes through it. I'm really trying to get the models I made in Qubicle both in my project and have a similar exploding to bits to the way they do in Vox.

Thank you for your time and insight on this.


  • TelknorTelknor Posts: 3Member

    Just an Update. Now have Voxel Tools running in Godot v3.2.2 but would really like to get it running in v3.3.2. Also still not sure how to get the Qubicle loader/renderer C++ files to work in Godot. I am not well versed in any of the C languages.

  • TelknorTelknor Posts: 3Member

    Another update. Now running modified version of Voxel Tools in Godot v3.3.3 and have Qubicle .qb files being loaded in via GDscript. But GDscript isn't storing data correctly. Suppose to store it as JSON and then read it, parsing as an array. The fellow that wrote GDscript says it's supposed to store variables as "variable":{"v1":value,"v2":value2} but it is doing variable:{v1:value and leaving out the "" marks. I have added the GDscript if anyone wants to look it over.

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