Is there any way to change the image that a TileSet uses without having to remake the TileSet?

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I'm fairly new to Godot, and I've been spending time recently learning about Godot's TileSets and TileMaps. After a bit of work and research, I was able to make a basic template image for 16x16 tiles using the 3x3 minimal template found in the documentation. I then put the image into a TileSet in a TileMap and got it to work how I wanted after putting in the bitmask and collision. I could then draw art over the template image and it would be reflected in Godot, which was very useful.

What I want to do now is have a way to easily create multiple TileSets or TileMaps whose only difference is the image that they use for textures. That way, I can just focus on making the art for multiple tilesets without having to go through the process of creating a new TileSet resource, making an autotile, and reentering the same bitmask and collision every time. What would be really nice is if there was some way to have a basic scene with just a TileMap that I could give an image to turn into a tileset. That way, I could have the option to modify all of the tilesets I've created at once. I've tried modifying and taking ideas from the code here and here, but nothing has worked.


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