Shader error crashs the game

o_jilermeo_jilerme Posts: 2Member


On last weeks the project I'm working with a friend don't run properly on godot. The game freezes on logo splash screen.
I think that can be because the VGA, I'm using a GTX 1660, and maybe it only doesn't work on GLES3. We change to GLES2 and some shaders just start to glitch or simply don't show.

Anyone with this error ou any help?


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,549Admin

    GTX 1660 should be able to run GLES3/GL3.3 fine.

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,277Admin

    Welcome to the forums @o_jilerme!

    Do you get any sort of error if you launch the game from the command-line/console? As Megalomaniak mentioned, the GTX 1660 should support GLES3 without any issue, so I do not think its that. It could be that the graphics card driver needs updating, but I imagine even the stock 1660 driver has GLES3 support given when it was made. Its probably something else that is causing the problem.

  • o_jilermeo_jilerme Posts: 2Member

    hey, thanks for the welcome (:

    Yeah guys, but I don't have idea why doesn't work, I will try this command and let you all know if works soon.

    thanksss <3

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