Is Godot Suitable For Visual Novels?

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I am sort of stuck in choosing Godot over Renpy, both have python like languages for scripting however I might not be making the typical visual novel game that just has a branching narrative and text on the screen with images and backgrounds e.t.c. I want to sort of make a unique dungeon crawler or adventure game type visual novel. I'm just wondering if something like that can be made in Godot as most game engines out there are more suitable for real time, physics based games or real time games. I'm not sure if it will stack up well with nodes or if it will become over clustered. Godot might be over kill for visual novels the same way Unity might be a bit too much for a typical 2d pixel-art game but even then a lot of that doesn't seem to matter as tons of games have been made in various engines and they don't have to be restricted to the engines set out target game genres. Like how there so many non JRPG games made with RPG Maker that are very successful (like to the moon) and are not typically engine restricted or made to obey what the engine was made for.

Just rambling here, no need to take this discussion serious. I would appreciate your opinions or debates.


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    I'm not sure how it works, but GDQuest seems to be making a Visual Novel template/project that may be worth checking out:

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    If you want to experiment and innovate then something like godot might be a better choice. If you just want to write a visual novel then a dedicated solution such as renpy is probably better.

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    Thanks, I think I want to experiment because honestly I don't play or read a lot of visual novels besides like Catherine which is really more like a puzzle game with visual novel elements. I also really want to add some kind of gameplay. So the basic standard visual novel seems boring to me without some kind of gameplay plot device.

    Thanks for the link, I like GDQuest and used to follow them on youtube. Unfortunately, facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram are blocked in my country (even Github) without a VPN setup which costs a bit of money ontop of the highly taxed third world internet. Is there like a blog-post, article or something not on social media with this kind of content?

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    If any, I'm afraid it's not likely much. But some creators such as @GDquest do have an account here, maybe they can offer some thoughts or discuss ways in which this sort of content could be made more widely available.

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