question about 2D level creation in GODOT

CProrammerCProrammer Posts: 4Member

Hey, I am new in GODOT, and in all courses I noticed that process of level creation is like ceate level_template file and then copy it and create new scene/levels in GODOT editor, copying actors/scenes and draging,moving them around. I am not sure but for me its kinds not comfortable tool, like I am pretty sure that is way to create level editor in GODOT but from the other hand it is not necessary to create it to every game I make. For example I make a mobile game, not already full completed but wow it works well, the problem is I loose all energy and motivation when I have to make a levels to it, its so messy in GODOT, does GODOT really dont have any plugin or option to make a levels in more clean and comfortable way? I hope you understand what I mean, it just not really cool to dragging, and looking for specific objects in whole app tree, then copy them 100 times (for example coins to collect by CTR + D), it should be more smooth.


  • GlyphTheWolfGlyphTheWolf Posts: 78Member


    That is similar workflow as in other game engines.

    Scenes only define some objects you may use in your game. You can also create whole level in editor if you want make it whole "hand made" but you can also attache some scripts for example to spawn coins you created (as separate scene) at random positions or even dynamically during gameplay.

  • CProrammerCProrammer Posts: 4Member

    Hey, yes but my point is to find a comfortable way to make a multiple levels, but it is not comfortable in GODOT. If I want to place a 100 coins I have to copy them all the time and drag and drop around on the map, I want to reach the effect like in many map editors, where I can select, coins/enemies/objects and then create a multiple instance of it on my map

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