Shadows disappear from view when geometry is not in camera's view?

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I'm trying to create my first 3D game and I'm having trouble setting up the lighting system, specifically with shadows. Whenever a piece of geometry that is casting a shadow disappears out of the camera's view, the shadow either disappears or distorts in a strange way. How do I get the environment's shadows to just stay put and not change based on where the camera is at? As seen in the images, the shadow from the large structure disappears when the player is not near it. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


  • GlyphTheWolfGlyphTheWolf Posts: 100Member


    Hm that is because of process called "frustum culling". Basically everything what is outside of camera view is not rendered at all to save resources and computing power. Since that objects are not rendered they can't cast any shadows. Using frustum culling makes huge difference when it comes to performance, so I would advice not to disable it even if that is possible.

    Maybe baking lights may help in this case? I'm not sure because I'm not experienced with this topic, that's only my guess.

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