Make a dark room

OdinOdin Posts: 20Member

Hi everyone ! I would like to make a dark room.It means only darkness in room,outside still light.For problem make a night all map, i can do it by Canvas Modulate.But it only makes dark full map.Anyone knows,please HELP to do that! Thank you so much !


  • ContainerContainer Posts: 51Member

    You dont need a shader, just try out the directional light.

  • OdinOdin Posts: 20Member

    You mean to use light layer?? It is same when we still Canvas Modulate and use Light Layer in area which we need it is dark or light? Is it right? Or any other ways?

  • GlyphTheWolfGlyphTheWolf Posts: 78Member


    Maybe I don't understand problem exactly, but isn't that possible by:
    1. Make whole map dark
    2. Add light occluder to room walls
    3. Add lights outside of room to make outside light and room should stay dark because of light occoluder
    Alternatively as I remember lights have inverse property to make area darker instead of lighter, so maybe you could try using that and putting some inverse lights in room.

  • OdinOdin Posts: 20Member

    Maybe I should use inverse lights.Ex: do lights are changed to black instead of white.Maybe only that way.Because my wish is when Player has not entered that room yet, that room still dark, although outside is still day,not night.Isnt it right,my master?

  • GlyphTheWolfGlyphTheWolf Posts: 78Member

    Hm, so maybe in this case you need 2D light mask.

    I haven't used 2D light mask yet, so won't help much with exact solution, but you can try reading some about 2D light mask or check Godot sample project. Maybe that is what you need?

  • OdinOdin Posts: 20Member

    Hihi...thank you so much !

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