Simulating a Car with a RigidBody (no VehicleBody or VehicleWheel)

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I have been writing a thread on the forum I hail from,, about the things I've learned and resources I've collected while developing my own driving simulator prototype in Godot, GDSim.

Godot is an incredible tool, and I want to contribute to the community as a way of saying thanks. Since I have already prepared the thread on GTP, with admin approval, here are the links to my thread and each of the entries in it for anyone seeking insights on making a driving/racing game:

My Sim Workshop/DevLog

I. Suspending a RigidBody
II. Suspending a RigidBody, Part 2
III. Rays Go Round - Lateral Force
IV. Rays Go Round - Adding Things Up
V. Start Your Engines

I hope others will find it useful for getting better results than with the VehicleBody and VehicleWheel nodes. :)

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