How to import dea model into godot?

KurtBlissZKurtBlissZ Posts: 5Member
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TwistedTwigleg edit: Removed URL to a rip of a 3D model from Luigi's Mansion and replaced it with this text.

Tried adding this into godot and I only get hands and a head... any tutorials or tools that make it easier to use these in godot?


  • SolariusSolarius Posts: 11Member

    What I do usually is:
    1) Open the .dea in Blender (using the "import" option)
    2) Export as .glb (GLTF file, which is the standard exchange format for Godot)
    3) Drag and drop the .glb in my project.

    It has always worked until now (except for a rigged character which seemed to crash Godot when selecting the armature).

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,604Admin

    I removed the link in the OP, as I think its illegal to download 3D models ripped from games, if my very limited understanding of this kind of thing is correct. Regardless, its probably a legally gray area at best and so out of an abundance of caution I removed the link.

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