a pseudo-3D 2D art theme

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I have an idea for a way to give some 3D depth to 2D levels. 3D is a bit motion sick and I intend to focus on adults (aptitudes).
There is video how to give tilemaps depth by using "scale". You use a copied tilemap in multiple canvas layers in a 2D project at different scales. The avatar looks like it is on a wide path. The trick is to start with a 3d asset such as a tree, and send 2D planes of it to each canvas layer. The middle of the tree (widest left-right slice) gets depth as with the tilemap example. But for the next deeper tilemap, you don't use the same exact image to scale distant; your next canvas layer represents a slice of the tree a foot deeper in. I suppose you mirror the effect for the slice of tree to be canvas layered towards you. The effect is a voxelized or lego-ized asset that appears 2.5D. This will work for in close precious gems focused in deep.
Another effect is to use 3D for demonstrating zoomed-in textures of bark, or even flies. Anything that clips the camera or the avatar becomes enlarged and slowed down to reveal the details of lichens or cattails or whatever. The PS5 has 9GB/sec of hard-drive transfer. Microsoft Xbox will be 1/2 that with Nintendo only 500MB/sec. Streaming computer games are only 1GB/sec in theory. To make these kinds of assets requires lots of transfer bandwidth. I'll have examples by the next conference; want to save some goodies for an employer but I want a collisions path eventually leadign to how the body metabolizes molecules.


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    I've got a 3d effect using 3-8 parallax backgrounds with child parallax layers, which in turn have child sprite. For opal, I intend to use groups of sprites under each main sprite image for things like the light stripe arcing across the surface, different colours in each facet. different gradients in each facet...generally I cut and paste an image of the parent sprite cropped smaller into each closer to the front parallax layer. Right now I'm counting the delta of arrows pressed to time the light play on the opal (animation easier for a smooth effect). Maple trees work easily. With coniferous branches, I'm going to scroll the children of a branch across replacing the image with one from a tip on angle as an avatar passes a branch, in turn replaced with a faint image perpendicular to the branch as the avatar further walks right. Radial symmetry should be easy enough. The 3d paths through a city or forest should facilitate level building of a meadow or town.

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    Foreground parallax is maybe within 10 metres. I've figured out some magic for maybe 10-30 metres away objects. I use Node2D and a few PB>PL>Sprites. And in the Sprite script I use apply_scale(1.1or0.9,1). It has the effect of I think effecting to transformations up the tree, even further. And it turns three triangles to the left and changes their x-dimension. I can use it to make rotating airships. A Harrier flightplan is tough. The real goal is to get the effect for intermediate objects that are only moving diagonally away to the left and right.

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