Custom web export only has black screen

exuinexuin Posts: 54Member

When I export it with the default template, it's fine. But I decided to optimize it. After a lot of error messages, I managed to get a template. But when I use it, I only get a black screen! What went wrong? Did I remove too many modules? I went on the online Godot build options generator and just disabled as many things as i could. Here's my file:

# Generated using

disable_3d = "yes"
optimize = "size"
disable_advanced_gui = "yes"
deprecated = "no"
minizip = "no"
module_arkit_enabled = "no"
module_bmp_enabled = "no"
module_bullet_enabled = "no"
module_camera_enabled = "no"
module_csg_enabled = "no"
module_dds_enabled = "no"
module_enet_enabled = "no"
module_etc_enabled = "no"
module_gdnative_enabled = "no"
module_gdnavigation_enabled = "no"
module_gridmap_enabled = "no"
module_hdr_enabled = "no"
module_jpg_enabled = "no"
module_jsonrpc_enabled = "no"
module_mobile_vr_enabled = "no"
module_ogg_enabled = "no"
module_opensimplex_enabled = "no"
module_opus_enabled = "no"
module_regex_enabled = "no"
module_stb_vorbis_enabled = "no"
module_tga_enabled = "no"
module_theora_enabled = "no"
module_tinyexr_enabled = "no"
module_upnp_enabled = "no"
module_visual_script_enabled = "no"
module_vorbis_enabled = "no"
module_webm_enabled = "no"
module_webp_enabled = "no"

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  • exuinexuin Posts: 54
    Accepted Answer

    The issue has been resolved on Github.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,353Admin

    Hmm, and have you followed the following page to make sure you can successfully build an export template for the web at all?

    Mind, I haven't compiled export templates at all so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm thinking if you don't get a working web export by following the above documentation then your issue is probably not with those compilation options but something else perhaps.

  • exuinexuin Posts: 54Member
    edited January 24

    I was following the page. Someone on the Discord server told me that I downloaded the wrong version of Godot so I went and downloaded the right version, but then I just got another error ("unknown file open mode wx+").

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,353Admin
    edited January 24

    @exuin said:
    another error ("unknown file open mode wx+").

    That sounds like a permissions issue, wx seems like write permission lemme google that here...

    r if reading permitted, otherwise -
    w if writing permitted, otherwise -
    x executing permitted, otherwise -

    Looks like 0333 or write and execute allowed but I've no idea what the + would indicate tho so perhaps I'm wrong. Ah there it is...

    + (plus) suffix indicates an access control list that can control additional permissions.

    I'm guessing the error is from your server?

  • exuinexuin Posts: 54Member
    edited January 24

    The specific line that throws the error is modeStringToFlags:function(str){var flags=FS.flagModes[str];if(typeof flags==="undefined"){throw new Error("Unknown file open mode: "+str)}return flags} in line 9 of the js file.

    Edit: Uploaded the file to, still doesn't work on its servers.

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,975Admin

    Does it compile and run successfully with all the modules enabled? That might be something to try, as then it will help narrow down whether the modules themselves are causing the issue.

  • exuinexuin Posts: 54Member

    I have opened an issue in github here with more information.
    I spent hours compiling different versions of the engine with different modules disabled. The one with no modules disabled still had the same issue. I don't think the issue here is the modules.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,231Moderator

    You might want to check the debug console on your web browser (F12) so see if there are any clues.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,353Admin

    I'm guessing that is where these later errors come from already.

  • exuinexuin Posts: 54Member

    Yes, I've already checked my debug console. It just displayed the error and linked to the html file.

  • exuinexuin Posts: 54Member
    Accepted Answer

    The issue has been resolved on Github.

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