Which Linux Distro you have?

raincoatraincoat Posts: 4Member

Hi guys, this is my first post. I am new at here and also at Godot. So for break the ices, I wanted to say "hi" and also ask which Linux distro you often use for game developing with Godot? I am a Linux Mint user maybe I can switch to Manjaro after the read documents about Manjaro. So I wonder which Linux Distro is most populer in Godot's world?

Thanks all and have fun.


  • RAMupgradeRAMupgrade Posts: 28Member

    Hey @raincoat , welcome! :)

    I've been on Linux since 2001, Ubuntu since 2014 but switched to Pop!OS a couple of months back. Obviously Linux spins are a matter of personal taste but in terms of Godot (in daily use since 2019), it has been slightly more stable on Pop!OS (far fewer crashes than in Ubuntu).

    As a subjective comparison, I notice Steam games run a micro-fraction slower on Pop!OS, compared to Ubuntu on the same laptop. However, Godot performance appears identical in terms of speed. This is just my "feeling" and I haven't used any measurements to back this up. The OS itself is much smoother than standard Ubuntu.

    Learning a new engine and scripting language is a big, daunting commitment but also an opportunity. For me it was worth the serious effort that I put in. Now I adore Godot for what it enables me to accomplish. Your mileage may vary but stick with it, I think you'll be rewarded!

  • raincoatraincoat Posts: 4Member

    @RAMupgrade Thank you so much for your relevance and response. I am glad to be here. :]

    I like Godot it is so wonderful and so penguinish. :)

    I did not use Pop!OS before but I will try in this week. For my thought distro is always important for what you are going to do with it. So thank you for this brilliant advice.

    I want to turn my all lifestyle into a Godot game developer. I know it's hard but it's worth it as you said. I started to read step by step docs and some Python (for understand logic of GdScript) books. Until the next spring I would like to have some Godot skills.

    I also love the community of Godot. And I am happy to find a place at here.

    Have a great day.

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    Welcome to the forums @raincoat!

    I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for most of my development, though I also have Ubuntu 16.04 and in the past used it for my daily driver for a number of years. Right now I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 as my main driver for development and Windows 10 for game playing and anything that has only Windows support. The only reason I really have stuck with Ubuntu is the "it just works" factor I found is a tad better on Ubuntu than some other Linux distros, though I had to admit that Ubuntu is kinda heavy and not the most stylish OS I have used :lol:

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,086Moderator

    I dual boot Win 10 and latest Ubuntu. I've been using Windows more, because of games mostly (especially ray tracing, HDR, and other features not ready on Linux) but aside from that I do like Ubuntu. I find it's better if you run into a problem, there are loads of answers online since Ubuntu is so popular and the community is helpful. I tried some other distros (and I did like the look of KDE Neon) but I always come back to Ubuntu.

  • RAMupgradeRAMupgrade Posts: 28Member

    I only have one boot! :p

  • BimbamBimbam Posts: 37Member
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    WSL 2.0 Ubuntu.

    And because I feel guilty I main Windows, let me caveat that I have for many years in the past mained a variety of distros (Knoppix,Fedora,Centos,Ubuntu derivatives), but inevitably hit a point where gaming and key apps I need are either not performant or do not work.

    This resulted in me going down the VFIO VM with GPU passthrough or Wine with DXVK routes, but ultimately there was always a cost. Namely my time and effort, and a 5-30% performance hit.

    So THIS resulted in dual booting, except that's also a pain in the ass so I ended up maining windows. To be fair I also have several VMs running on ESX which are all linux (for data science stuff), but my main Laptop is pure Windows with WSL for shell (about ~15% slower than native). It doesn't help the Rog Zephyrus G14 is still bugged on any linux distro but honestly, I have access to everything I need on Windows for far less effort. And when WSL releases GUI app support (it already has CUDA drivers), I'm not sure if I will main Linux again; even if I will miss the Budgie environment.

    I guess my answer to which linux distro is best is literally "Whichever you are most comfortable using". They are all basically equivalent, with different levels of effort and customization. These days, I want the distro that out of the box requires the least tweaking to be comfortable with, and that has for most recent years been Ubuntu derivatives thanks to having by far the largest community/resources available. Comparing Ubuntu to Manjaro would kinda be like comparing Python to Go. I'm still picking Python, even if I know Go is situationally 'better'.

    Basically, I'm too old (mentally) and don't have enough hours in the day to sit and tweak like I used to :(.
    Ironically, Windows these days "Just works" and gives me all I need.

  • duaneduane Posts: 10Member

    @Bimbam said:
    I guess my answer to which linux distro is best is literally "Whichever you are most comfortable using".


    I stopped using windows around the turn of the century, so it feels really alien to me when I have to help someone maintain it. On the other hand, gentoo feels perfectly natural. Every now and then I put archlinux on, thinking it will save me time, but I always end up wasting more time on it because I'm not as familiar.

    Theoretically, I could get most of my preferred software out of any distribution, but I've already figured gentoo out, so I'll save the others for some point when I'm really bored.

  • raincoatraincoat Posts: 4Member

    @TwistedTwigleg thank you :)

    Thank you folks for all comments. I guess I am going too use Manjaro because the guy in youtube (unfa) he have amazing works in Ardour and he recommends Manjaro for electronic music producing. Most things are new for me, because I stop to use many programs with Windows, like Cubase, Photoshop, After Effects etc. Now I am just totally and finally working with open source contents. And I am also trying to improve myself on bash scripting. If I have to use Windows again this would be only for testing a game.

    I am grateful for sharing your experience with Linux to me.

    Wish you all a great days.

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