Problems importing 3d gtfl object

NobelrobinNobelrobin Posts: 16Member

I want to import 3d landscape in gtfl format, binary i got also the skin but no height in prespective view neither in front or left, right views. What could i do wrong? I created it with blender 2.90, blender gis, on a windows10 prof 64 bit machine.

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  • NobelrobinNobelrobin Posts: 16Member

    thx for answering me

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,825Admin

    Maybe try importing the scene back into Blender and see if the scene is visible and working as expected there? That would help eliminate the possibility that the gltf file itself is the issue.

    In Godot, you could try selecting the MeshInstance node and pressing the "F" button to focus the editor view on it. It should rotate and zoom the camera so it covers the AABB of the model, which (hopefully) will allow you to see the mesh and what is going on.

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