HTML export size (which result in load time)

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After some years, i tried again to export a HTML out from Godot (a plain scene, raw cube). This time the file size increased to 19,5mb !!! (only the *.wasm file). So does anyone have the same file size, while exporting a raw scene out from Godot ? If so,
is there any way to reduce it. If not, will it be fixed in Godot 4.0 ?



  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,454Moderator

    The load time issue is the browser compiling the WebAssembly module (wasm) and sadly it's not an easy problem to fix. You can try disabling some features, see here:

    I didn't try that yet but honestly I don't think it will help much unless your game is super simple and not using a lot of the API. The 19MB is for the whole engine, which is actually not bad in terms of the download speed, it's the compiling time that really kills it (especially on mobile).

    And, yes, everyone will have the same size, it's just the size of the engine.

  • sledgemansledgeman Posts: 12Member


    Thanks for the fast reply and the detailed information.

    Ok, so the whole engine is packed inside the 19MB *.wasm file. Than it makes a bit more sense to me why :) . I was just wondering because in comparison with other engines, the Godot one seems to be oversized. Some other 3D engines have a size of 3mb to 8mb. (But some big Engines have also 25mb+)

    I will take a look into your link "optimizing for size". If you can exclude features from the engine, this would reduce the size i guess.


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