Confused about how to properly export a project for release

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I have recently finished my first project with Godot and am getting ready to release it on Steam and I was worried about a problem I had noticed while having my friends test out my project. It seems that whenever I export my project and have anyone run it on their computer it causes windows SmartScreen to pop up a message saying that "Windows protected your PC" and makes them click a "more info" button before being able to then click a "run anyway" button. I'm guessing that this has to do with code signatures but I have been having trouble locating information about how to properly do this for distributions and what I have found has been just Microsoft wanting me to pay upwards of $300 a year for a certificate. any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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    This is, sadly, just a downside of how Godot works and how Window SmartScreen works. The Godot export templates are compiled versions of the Godot engine that run the .pck file. However, because they are compiled and not signed with a certificate, Window SmartScreen sees them as a "potential" issue and does not allow for their execution without getting permission from the user. The only way to fix this, that I know of, is to compile the export templates manually and sign them with a certificate from Microsoft.
    I personally have not had the issue of Windows SmartScreen popping up, but based on my Google searches it seems this is a semi-common problem. I would perhaps just add a note about how Windows SmartScreen sometimes will popup and how to fix it.

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