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[AudioStreamPlayer3D] Parameters explaination

The parameters that can be set for the AudioStreamPlayer3D are somehow unintuitive, it would be great if someone could help me understanding this:

I understand that unit_db is the equivalent of the volume parameter for the 2D player. It is the volume I hear when the camera stands exactly in front of the Player in the scene. But how is it possible that I hear something at all when unit_db is set to 0? I mean, no decibel, no sound, I thought?

Then comes max_db. The "maximum of the soundlevel" ranges from -24 to 6, while unit_db ranges from -80 to 80. Isn't unit db supposed to be the loudest possible volume without damping applied? How can anything ever be louder than that? Why is the range of max_db smaller than the one of unit_db? How is this supposed to be used?

Finally, max_distance. Is this supposed to be in meters? (As the base unit in Godot should be meters, as far as I know.) So when for example max_distance = 5, as soon as the camera is outside the 5m radius around the Player, the out_of_range mode will be set?

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