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JSON database items without header, how to parse it and extract ID

urieluriel Posts: 59Member

Hi guys :)
here it is a specific need, i have data coming from a classic database (MySQL/CSV), converted into JSON.
The format looks like this file (added to this topic, extension was changed to fit the forum´s rules)

it is a classic JSON structure, nothing fancy here.
my question is related to the use of those data into godot, as each dataset will be added to a label node (as text) and create a new label for each dataset.

i know how to to use -- for i in dataset > create a new label node into a VBox
i know how to get data (READ/WRITE) from a JSON file to store my app preferences

but this JSON structure doesn´t give me the header for each dataset, there is no ID to reference it...
to compare it, in my preference file (JSON), the structure gives "options" and "preferences" as header for each dataset, and i have no problem to load them

hope it is clear enough to get some support or any direction you may consider.
thank you all of you

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