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The CollisionObject2D's mouse_entered signal cannot be triggered in editor

vmjcvvmjcv Posts: 45Member
edited September 14 in Programming

I have a scene that has a signal mouse_entered. When i move the mouse over the circle it will change color to red.
like this:

but when i add it to editor, it cannot be triggered in editor
like this:

this is my code for add view in godot editor

_graph_editor_view = preload("res://addons/event_chain/editor/view.tscn").instance()
#_graph_editor_view.undo_redo = get_undo_redo()
_panel_button = add_control_to_bottom_panel(_graph_editor_view, "Event Chain Graph Editor")
_panel_button.visible = true

I think the problem is godot editor's mouse_filter is stop or pass, so i cannot get the signal.
Of course this is just what I think, if there are other possible reasons, please let me know.

My question is how should I get this signal in editor.

i need your help please,thanks a lot.

In order to better illustrate the problem, I provide a demo as attach


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,141Admin

    If you are okay with using physics to detect the mouse entering and exiting, you can use a StaticBody/RigidBody (set to static) and then check to see what collision objects are under the mouse using the intersect_point function. I made a really quick example using the test project and it seems to work okay. I've attached the project to this post if you want to take a look.

  • vmjcvvmjcv Posts: 45Member
    edited September 15

    Thanks your answer.
    i test it.everything is ok.

    And i change something
    1. change the node to area2d
    2. change the code var results = space_state.intersect_point(mouse_position,32,[],0x00000002,true,true);

    My reason is that your method may affect other collision, so I added a physics layer to these UI. Mouse events only triggered to these layers. It should be acceptable to occupy a physics layer in project.

    Thank you very much for your reply, this is a solution that can be used.

    Godot’s mouse signal and this are two logics,feel a little strange, and I hope it can be a unified notification event.

    So I will not close the question, if there are other different solutions

    But no matter what, thank you for the feasible solution

  • vmjcvvmjcv Posts: 45Member

    I change the gd script

    extends Node2D
    var hit_objects = []
    func _physics_process(delta):
        var space_rid = get_world_2d().space
        var space_state = Physics2DServer.space_get_direct_state(space_rid)
        var mouse_position = get_global_mouse_position()
        var not_in_objects = hit_objects.duplicate()
        hit_objects = []
        var results = space_state.intersect_point(mouse_position,32,[],524288,true,true)
        for result in results:
            if (hit_objects.has(result["collider"]) == false):
                if (result["collider"].has_signal("mouse_entered")):
            if (not_in_objects.has(result["collider"])):
        for not_in_object in not_in_objects:
            if (not_in_object.has_signal("mouse_exited")):

    the code is attach in a node. it will let all the node who is in Layer20 emit signal mouse_entered and mouse_exited. It's like retriggering the signal that was swallowed by the editor

    I think it can solve my problem.But it would be better if the signal could not be swallowed by the editor

    In short ,your answer is very good and very enlightening

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