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ECS in Godot: playlist with 3 videos (Ombarus)

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Youtube playlist: ECS in Godot (Ombarus)

I'm starting to play with Godot and I'm intereseted in data-driven systems (in the sense of being able to add content editing plain-text definition files only, not in the sense of what Wikipedia calls Data-Oriented desing).

I've seen these videos from Ombarus about his non-Data-Oriented ECS* in Godot and it fits very well with the ideas I want to try. So I wanted to ask those with experience what do you think about this approach. Thanks!

* I'm not sure if it fits the strict definition of an ECS because the data is stored in the entities and in an pure ECS the entities are just integer IDs.

A quick summary of the videos:

  • ECS Architecture in Godot: An introduction to ECS and an overview of his implementation in Godot with Singletons and Signals.
  • Thank you ECS: A more practical video about how the ECS helps with various mechanics of his game Solar Rogue.
  • ECS #2 - How is it holding up: (from the video description) An overview of the hacks and cheats I had to do after 5 months of development using the architecture I've developed for Solar Rogue.

The code of the project he shows in the videos:

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