exporting from linux to windows inverts y graphic coords

consultitconsultit Posts: 2Member

I'm trying to to export sample application "Dodge the Creeps!"on my linux box (ubuntu 20.04) and exporting work fine for android and html5.
But exporting for windows inverts the y graphic coords! (see snapshot)
Am I missing some options/configurations?


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,103Admin

    Welcome to the forums @consultit!

    I do not think you are missing any configurations or anything, there isn't a setting to flip the screen on the Y-axis that I know of. Is the game inverted on the Y-axis as well, or just the UI?

  • consultitconsultit Posts: 2Member

    Thank you for your answer. I was only testing on a virtualbox vm with Windows 10, but trying on a physical machine everything works fine.
    Searching on Google I discovered that it is a virtualbox issue

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