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[Tutorial] GxU Tutorial Series - A tutorial series for Unity User that want to try or move to Godot.

earlroxasearlroxas Posts: 19Member
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GxU or Godot x Unity is tutorial series that targeted for unity user that have interest to try or move to Godot Engine. The tutorials will talk about mainly how to do unity thing in Godot. The idea is to make something like this official tutorial but with more in depth and also more topic.

A little bit about me. I am a game programmer that use Unity and Godot in Daily basis. Currently I work for some Casual Game Company to make Casual game like Match-3, Hidden Object, etc. In past few years the games that I made for them have been published by various Publisher like BigFish, Alawar, etc. Beside that I also trying to make my own Game with Godot Engine. And I have released a few of them.

Because I have experience in making games with both Godot and Unity so, i decided to make this tutorial. It is my first time making a tutorial tho, so it must have some mistake or something wrong with it, so if you discover something that need to be changed or added feel free to comment it here. Or if you want to request a topic you can comment it here too. You can also commented it on my BMC post.

Oh, also here is the link to the GxU Table of Content.

Also if you want to support me you can do it via BMC.

That's it. Thank you!


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