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Script Property is not changing when using Set()

I'm currently trying to set up a saving/loading system that uses a Dictionary to hold values.

Basically, it saves information like the following:

savefile = { "gamescore" : gamescore, "highscore": highscore }

gamescore and highscore are both variables in my GlobalData script that has been autoloaded..

So when the time comes to load the information, I wanted to use:

for i in savefile.get_keys(): GlobalData.set(i, savefile[i])

When I print both i and savefile[i], the values that they return are correct.

Perhaps Set() is the wrong thing to use?

I've been trying for a while now, and I'm at a complete loss.


  • AeternuxolusAeternuxolus Posts: 11Member

    I just read up on the documentation - would I need to create a function for every variable?

    I'm probably going to end up with at least 15 variables, and that might get a bit crazy.

    My original goal in using Set() was to take advantage of the "i, savefile[i]" portion, so that it could go through each variable automatically.

    Prior, I had it set up something like this:
    GlobalData.highscore = savefile[highscore]

    This worked, but I ran into a lot of problems when things needed to be changed, etc.

    Could it be due to the fact that it is an Autoload?
    I tried using get_node("/root/GlobalData").set(i, savedata[i]) too, but nothing.
    There's no errors or anything.

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,053Moderator

    I think it will work if you use Dictionaries for everything (not loose variables).

    Here is an example I made. This is the global script that is autoloaded:

    extends Node2D
    var save_data = { "gamescore" : 0, "highscore": 0 }

    And this is the script for the player that loads and saves the data:

    extends Node2D
    var player_data = {}
    func _ready():
        print("load from global script")
        print("randomize local data")
        print("save random data to global")
        print("clear local data")
        print("load from global again")
    func load_data():
        player_data = Globals.save_data
    func save_data():
        Globals.save_data = player_data;
    func display_data():
        for i in player_data:
            print(i, ": ", player_data[i])
    func randomize_data():
        for i in player_data:
            player_data[i] = int(rand_range(0, 100))
    func clear_data():
        player_data = {}

    See if that helps at all.

  • AeternuxolusAeternuxolus Posts: 11Member

    @Megalomaniak - Thank you for the help and also thank you for telling me about setters and getters!

    @cybereality - Thanks you for writing this up. I tried converting a few of my variables into Dictionary entries and they were processed through my loading function with no issues. But while I was doing this, I noticed 1 of my variables was actually processing correctly with the Dictionary entries..

    Then I saw the culprit.. It seems like all the data is saved as a float.. and I declared my variables to being int..

    The 1 variable that started working had the int declaration removed by accident when I was copy/pasting them into the Dictionary, and that's why it started working.

    GlobalData.set(i, int(savedata[i]))

    I sabotaged myself.. I always end up making every number variable an int...

    Thanks a lot for the help!

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,053Moderator

    Okay, as long as you got it working that's great.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,908Admin

    Sounds like you might want to make more rigorous use of static typing perhaps?

  • AeternuxolusAeternuxolus Posts: 11Member

    @Megalomaniak - Thanks again for the information - I learned that static typing was important, and I made it a point to declare all my variables.. but only when they were outside of functions - that really worked against me here.. I didn't even consider that the green line numbers actually meant something. Definitely going to have to revisit everything and start applying things before I run into another silly self-induced headache..

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