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Use Slider instead of Scrollbar for ScrollContainers?

GrampsGramps Posts: 28Member

I can never get the ScrollContainer's scrollbar to not look terrible and was wondering if there was a hack-y way to remove it and just use a slider, as I can theme them to look good. Any ideas?


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,908Admin

    Sure, but you'd likely have to give up on using the scroll container and just build your own custom container out of a panel(not panel container, though perhaps that could work too?).

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,129Admin

    Well, it would be a bit hacky (and I have no idea if it would work), but you can probably directly manipulate the scroll_horizontal and scroll_vertical properties of the ScrollContainer node through a Slider to get it to move the content inside correctly. The harder part may be getting the scrollbars in the ScrollContainer to become invisible, but maybe $ScrollContainer.get_h_scrollbar.visible = false would work? If it does, you could also set the min and max range of your Slider using similar code: $Horizontal_Slider_Node.max_value = get_h_scrollbar.max_value

  • GrampsGramps Posts: 28Member

    @Megalomaniak Yeah, I figured it might be something like that. Was hoping maybe I could kind of swap them out.

    @TwistedTwigleg Hmm, I will give it a shot as I am currently working on that scene. I'll report back if that does the trick! Cheers!

  • GrampsGramps Posts: 28Member

    OK, well, hiding the scrollbar on the ScrollContainer didn't work unless I disabled it. Even theme-ing it to be invisible didn't really work.

    For posterity...

    As per @Megalomaniak suggested, I swapped out my ScrollContainer for a Panel node then added a VSlider as a child above my VBoxContainer. My Panel was set to clip content outside of it, which cut the rest of my VBoxContainer off. I then moved the VBoxContainer until I could see the bottom of it in the Panel and noted the Y coordinate. I made this my minimum value on my VSlider.

    The VSlider then emitted a value_changed signal which would updated the position of the VBoxContainer and boom! A much nicer looking way of scrolling a panel.

    Thank you both so much for the advice and help!

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