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Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk -> editor/editor_node.cpp:5273 - An EditorPlugin build callback failed

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Hi All
I was attempting to set up some unit tests, so in VSCode I used NuGet Package Manager to add Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk.
Initially I added the latest version 16.8.0.preview, then instead added the 16.7.1 But I couldnt get it working.

So I gave up, reverted any changes against the diffs to my Git Repo.
Everything appears to be reverted back to what it was before.

But now I get that annoying error when trying to launch my game, either from Godot Editor or from VSCode "Play in Editor":

editor/editor_node.cpp:5273 - An EditorPlugin build callback failed

Was all working fine beforehand.
Does that NuGet package installer do something more that I'm not aware of?
I've tried deleting my .csproj and sln files, that doesnt help, and Godot doesn't seem to want to regenerate them

I ran "nuget restore", and that seems to have resolved the above error, but now I'm getting a second error:

Cannot instance script because the class 'Game' could not be found. Script: 'res://scenes/Game.cs'.
At: modules/mono/csharp_script.cpp:2942

The class "Game" inside the CS file definitely exists. I tried clearing out my .mono folder to ensure everything would be rebuilt.
Its building fine, no errors in the logs. Yet it cant find the class.

Seemed to have found the issue. In my CS file, I'm using an external lib/dll (Priority_Queue). Reverting that to the standard Queue for now, and its working. I think there is something going wrong with the assembly step which occurs after the build step(?), as the build step is fine. I'll look into it later, too annoyed right now given I've spent half the day screwing about with this.

OK, one last final update in case anyone else encounters this sort of issue. In my .csproj file, for the external lib I was using, I removed the Private False and that seems to have resolved the second error.

<Reference Include="OptimizedPriorityQueue">
    <!-- -->
    <Private>False</Private>   <---- REMOVED THIS
    <HintPath>$(ProjectDir)/lib/Priority Queue.dll</HintPath>

I'm not sure what I've broken, as everything had been humming along fine until I tried to NuGet install the latest Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk. But seems to be working again now.

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