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Light2d bogging down editor

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I'm having issues with using Light2d's bogging down my editor. They work fine in-game but while in the editor they make both my MacBook Pro and my Windows 10 desktop crawl to a stop. If I hide the lights the problem goes away.

I'm using a large number of lights, I have street-lamps each with a light2d node attached. To cover the entire level means I end up instances many many lights. So it makes sense that the editor is struggling to keep them all loaded and processing. I thought it might be a good idea to instead make one light-map texture for the entire map and only instance the StreetLamp texture instead of 80 something light2d nodes.

So my question is a two-part, is there any other optimization I can do with the Light2d nodes to avoid bogging down my editor, and do you think a single light-texture would give better performance in the editor. And if so, is there a way to export my tilemaps/level as a PNG/image file so that I can draw the light-texture over the level instead of having to guess or recreate the level in a different file.

I thought about designing my levels in TileSetter and exporting a PNG from there to draw the Light-texture and also exporting the level straight into godot, but theres 128 pixel limit in tilesetter and my tiles are unfortunately just a little bit larger. (Scaling the tile sizes down is outside the scope of this question, and I don't think feasible.)


  • vinpogovinpogo Posts: 15Member

    do your streetlamps have script attached? If so, did you use the tool keyword to have some functionality running in the editor? If yes, then this might be the reason.

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