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RigidBodies don't respond to gravity?

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I've created a simple scene with a RigidBody object, and given it as child nodes a CollisionShape with a BoxShape. I also gave it a MeshInstance with a CubeMesh.

On clicking "Play Scene (F6)", I expected the object to fall, but nothing happens. Are there common "gotchas" I should be looking out for here? Something obvious I'm probably not doing correctly?


  • In case it's helpful, I've attached JPEGs of my RigidBody and CollisionShape settings.

  • Ah! The problem wasn't with the rigidbodies at all. Rather:
    1. I did not realize/expect that objects in the editor viewport would remain static during gameplay
    2. The default window position for the gameplay window seems to have been wildly off-screen, and it did not appear in my list of Windows windows for me to select and re-position it. Changing the Editor Settings to force it to start in the Top Left caused the gameplay preview to show up as expected (and it does in fact show the rigidbodies falling, as expected)

  • UnknownUserUnknownUser Posts: 0
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    Edit: oops, wrong thread.

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