`get_collision_point` is incorrectly returning `(0, 0, _)` against a `QuadMesh`

georgewsingergeorgewsinger Posts: 2Member

Problem: I have a 3D Godot game in which I am raycasting against a MeshInstance with a QuadMesh. My goal is to get the precise (sx, sy) local X/Y coordinates on the MeshInstance/QuadMesh where the ray is intersecting. To do this, I first grab the global coordinates via get_collision_point. Unfortunately, the global x/y coordinates are consistently coming up as (0, 0, _) when I run the raycast through get_collision_point (technically this function returns a Vector3, but I don't care about the third coordinate in this context).

Question: Is there anything that must be done to a MeshInstance with a QuadMesh loaded in order to get collision detection like this to work properly?

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