Is it possible to animate the 2dLightNode or to use shader on them?

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Hello everyone.
I'm trying to make a clouds shadows effect in my 2d top down game...
At first I did it simply with a canvas on witch I applied a shader, the effect is not exactly what I wanted and the interaction of those "shadows" with my other lights dose not make sense for obvious reasons.
Also, The game is supposed to be open world and with the map generated procedurally, thus I can't just make a huge canvas to fill the whole possible map because of performance reasons, so I'd like to use the shader I made on a 2dlight node but shaders doesn't seem to have any effect on this node.

My idea was to make a light that uses the subtract function to obscure my world base on a noise that I can generate in my shader... however I can't use it.... is it even possible at all to have animated light in godot?

If it isn't possible to do it in the way I'm trying to do it what advices do you guys have? ^^

Also how can I solve the performance problem for doing such a task on a large map? ^^

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