Toggle buttons need to go away with a new one

SolarPalSolarPal Posts: 2Member
edited August 23 in GUI

I want make tab-style menu. Only 1 tab should be opened at the time. Don't know how to implement it.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,898Admin

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  • GrampsGramps Posts: 40Member

    Are your buttons set with "toggle mode" on? I would modify the signals on each button to contain an additional argument which is the name of the button, that way your function knows which button called it.

    So each button should have signals like...
    _on_Squad_Toggled -> in extra arguments: String, "Squad"
    _on_Squad_Toggled -> in extra arguments: String, "Travel"
    ... and so on.

    Then change your function to something like:

    func _on_Squad_Toggled(button_pressed: bool, button: String) -> void:
        if button_pressed:
            move(Vector2(-720, 0))
            # Un-press all other buttons
            for M in $UI/Menu.get_children():
                if M != button:

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