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Anyone want to test my Portals addon?

klaasklaas Posts: 13Member
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Hello there!
I've spend the last weeks writing a portals plugin. Dont mix it up with the game. This is a technique for culling occluded geometry.

If you dont know it you can read about it here:

There was a implementation in Godot 2.x but it was removed in 3.x

I've tried my very best to make it as handy as possible.
But i need feedback before i try to publish it in the assetLib.

You can get it here:

I would like to here from you ... comments, suggestions and issues.

all the best!


  • DschoonmakerDschoonmaker Posts: 216Member

    I downloaded the project & copied the addons folder to an empty project. Godot says there's a problem with the code:

    "Unable to load addon script from path: 'res://addons/dzPortals/' There seems to be an error in the code, please check the syntax."

    I checked "", the error is on line 18, with the preload function:

    "res://addons/dzPortals/ - Parse Error: Couldn't fully preload the script, possible cyclic reference or compilation error. Use "load()" instead if a cyclic reference is intended"

  • klaasklaas Posts: 13Member

    thank you for your feedback.
    I've found the error, amd fixed it.
    But i stumbled into another bug. Currently godot crashes when a tree node is moved and autoconnect is on.

    In totaly confused about that. Must have another closer look into it.
    Its pretty useless by now.

    I updated the repro to the current state ... wil dive into it tomorrow.


  • SIsilicon28SIsilicon28 Posts: 693Moderator

    Very Impressive work! I tip my hat to you good sir. 😏🎩
    In fact, I'd love to contribute to the growth of this plugin. I have quite a bit of experience with plugin interfaces.

  • klaasklaas Posts: 13Member

    Hi SIsilicon28,
    thank you. I would appreciate your help!

    Im currently facing that bug that crashes godot whenever i reorder the tree.
    I could track the error down to:

    in function:

    in line 329, 330 there call set_magnetic_gate(gate)
    and this causes the crash when the node gets moved.

    Maybe its because the node leaves the tree for a short moment. All tries to deferre this call failed. Without any error description im totaly lost.

  • klaasklaas Posts: 13Member

    after spending a whole day its finaly fixed.
    It was ... whar a shame .. two simple cyclic assignments. The usual case in wich godot crashes.
    I wish godot would have a call stack limit in debug mode. This would have thrown an error a prevent the crash.

    ... and there is a new feature. Zones can now be flagged as "outside". Those zones will be activated when the camera is in no other zones. Its like a default zone. Those outside-zones can be linked to gates. So, if you look through a portal to the outside it gets visible.

    The repro is now updated.

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