Spirits and Drones demo

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Demo version of the game in the style of logic.
It is interesting to hear your opinion about the mechanics of the game, style!

The essence of logic is like a chess problem.
The player has two characters-a drone. Each character has its own characteristics. By moving them around the cells like chess pieces, you need to solve the puzzle.

Each level is a new puzzle that requires you to destroy all your opponents to complete it.

A storyline has also been introduced.

World history:

Distant future. People's lives are filled with robots and intelligent machines. Humanity's ties to tradition are beginning to break down. Spirits that were once revered are now forgotten. Embittered by this, spirits take revenge on people, and often their puppets are robots, because they have become ideal "vessels" for spirits.

The ancient Ginkgo leaf clan stood up for the people. Using modern technology and ancient spells, it resolves conflicts between people and spirits

A young member of the clan is given spirit - hunting drones and sent on his first mission in life.

Link to play demo:



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    I assume the dynamics of the game: 9 levels - 10 is a Boss battle. 5 bosses and about 50 levels of the game. Each cycle is slightly different in its mechanics.
    So far, the level with the boss is in development.
    I'm also working on a storyline.
    There are plans to add non-linearity in the passage of puzzles(while it is poorly implemented)

    Central to the logic of the game is the cooperation of the actions of two characters.

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    Cool art, puzzles where good too. I was able to move pass things you probably shouldn't, by clicking all over the place. Being able to move though different puzzles/rooms is a great idea.

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    @jtjonny said:
    I was able to move pass things you probably shouldn't, by clicking all over the place.

    What do you mean?

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