My first game: KiGuy (HTML5 playable and binaries)

dietorgadietorga Posts: 2Member

Hi! this is my first game i have published!
I am very excited, it is very simple, but it has taken me a lot of work, thanks to this forum I have been able to solve many things.

it's a simple platform game with the peculiarity that the character has a rare/crazy jumping mechanics.
I have tried to apply some techniques so that the levels are not boring, and I think that at least it is playable.

I would really appreciate a feedback to improve it.
Please be honest, if the game sucks let me know without filters.



  • HippoHippo Posts: 156Member

    Hey I tried out the game, for a prototype I think it's really awesome! The controls are smooth and intuitive and the animations look good. This is definitely something that could be expanded on nicely with a story and maybe some more advanced mechanics and environment interaction as you progress.

    My only criticism would be that the game as a whole and graphics especially feel a little too much like Celeste at the moment and I'd personally like to see this game differentiate itself somehow. That being said as this is just a prototype there's plenty of opportunity to do so. Keep up the good work!

  • dietorgadietorga Posts: 2Member

    Hi Hippo, thank you for your feedback!
    What I have worked the most for was making the controls feel good, there is still a lot to be polished, and to correct several bugs that I have not been able to solve, but little by little I am learning thanks to what I read in the forum and on YouTube.

    You are right, while developing the game I have been playing celeste, I have even followed several of the tips he has given to make the game easier to play as a coyote jump, corner correction, etc. Consciously and unconsciously I have been inspired by that game.
    The reality is that I never thought I was going to release a game (even a prototype) so i never cared about sprites tiles originality, until I thought: why not?
    Anyway, the graphics has taken me a lot of work, but it is still what I have seen in the tutorials with some small modifications and "copy-inspiration" from other games.

    Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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