Hey guys, I got this sweet RPG project. Want it?

BlackVeilBlackVeil Posts: 8Member
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I got a bunch of scripts and assets that make a complete 2d RPG Its a full-fledged system that needs to be put together in godot I got all the scripts for every little feature, all the assets.. Anyone want to help me put it together? Ill share it all if that's the case. I am newer to GDscript. Its all GDScript. Drop me a message if that sounds cool. It was given to me with the itntent that Id find some way to put it together in godot. Its all verified and has tutorial videos.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,566Admin
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    Might straight up be easier to go the route of making it a open source RPG game template, say under the mit license perhaps. Might incentivize more contributors too.

    But realistically you should always be prepared to see the work through yourself, people tend to be more interested in joining project that are clearly going somewhere and likely t be completed.

    edit: I also moved the topic to the projects category seeing as there's no resources here, yet. You can always create another topic later.

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