FBX Export/Import problems with Rigify

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Hello, Ive got some problems with the FBX conversion from blender to godot. I know FBX isn't the premier way to exchange models, but .gltf doesnt seem to work and the better collada exporter doesn't even show up in the addons inside of blender, even after utulizing an 2.8 version of the plugin. I have a video, detailing my settings for the export as well as the import process.

My problems are:
1. Mesh/Armature weight paint distorted around belly and shoulder area. (no problems with that inside blender)
2. Not really an issue, but I was wondering how I could simplify/bake the animations of an rigify Rig to only use the barebones, well... bones. instead of also exporting targetbones, IK bones etc. I presume this to be handled inside of blender.

Video Link: (YT)

Also included: an 7zip file with the .fbx model inside.

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  • ChuppyzockerChuppyzocker Posts: 3Member

    Additional: Weird Alpha sorting on the face geometry.

  • justinbarrettjustinbarrett Posts: 202Member

    is there a subdivision on your mesh? if yes, you should apply that in blender and check the weights just before export... also apply modifiers should maybe be unchecked..because armature is a modifier as well...I don't know if that helps.

    including the fbx will probably not help diagnose the problem since it is already exported.

  • ChuppyzockerChuppyzocker Posts: 3Member

    There is no additional modifier on the mesh. Only the armature. Without the experimental" apply all modifiers/LocRotScale", the model wont even show up in the godot editor when importing.

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